Light and refreshing, InfiniTea explores the endless possibilities that result when universes collide.

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Tea Infused Cider

All Natural. No sugar added.


Our estate grown, traditional cider apples have been fermented in small lots and infused with the exotic flavours of Chaibaba organic, custom blended tea. The result is a dry, lightly effervescent constellation of flavours.

The Star Studded InfiniTea Collection

Each can of InfiniTea features a unique constellation of stars.
Find all four in our Canadian night sky…

Pegasus The Winged Horse

Tropical Green Tea

This cider elicits magical days at the beach. Bright pineapple and silky coconut flavours are complemented by rich notes of bittersweet green tea.

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Ursa Major The Big Bear

Stone Fruit Hibiscus

Evoking a sense of strength and calm, this cider has smooth notes of peach and apricot integrated with exotic hibiscus floral notes.

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Lupus The Wolf

Strawberry Kiwi

This juicy blend of strawberry and kiwi is bright and uplifting and definitely worth howling about.

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Lynx The Cat

Vanilla Honeybush

Vanilla Cupcake in a glass without the sugar! It has a smooth honey flavour rounded out by feel-good, purr-worthy vanilla.

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Visit us at our vintage apple packinghouse location at #1 2287 Ward Road, Kelowna, BC.
Open Daily.

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